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Top Ten Dodging Eros by Cardyn Brooks

 Title: Dodging Eros
Author: Cardyn Brooks
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Erotica
Publisher: Private Moments Publishing
Release Date: Jan 21 2016
Edition: eBook & Print
When is love a safe haven, a shield or a launch pad? When is it a mine field or a trap? 

Dodging Eros, Through Past, Present and Pleasure
 is something different about love.
Cupid is not simply a cherubic prankster.
Cupid is a tireless hunter. He’s dangerous.
While men and women bait and lure each other into the tricky gauntlet of attraction, Cupid circles, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.
Siblings Danya, Monica, and Warwick Fullerton come from a family tradition of love that endures. They understand the risks and rewards of loving and being loved, but the intersection of the politics of pleasure with the evolution of 21st-century society versus entrenched ideas about who is expected to love whom challenges them to fight for their beliefs, which differ from their parents’ ideas.
Dodging Eros uses the early 20th-century past as prologue about the present day to frame the generational shifts in the risks of loving and being loved as the Fullertons confront their personal demons and battle The Fellowship, a secret society of power brokers conceived during the era of U.S. Prohibition now expanded into a modern international network of corruption.

Top Ten ~~ Bucket List for 2016

1.       Expand the conversation started by #MissRepresentation and #WeNeedDiverseBooks to make connections between the importance of inclusiveness in all entertainment media and a healthy society.
2.      Focus on good (consensual activities between free, legal, cognitively unimpaired, safe adults) sex as satisfying for everyone involved.
3.      Discuss the ways in which contemporary mainstream fiction set in the present day 21st c. feels outdated.
4.      Discuss the gilded cage of privileged Anglo/Caucasian/white womanhood and the persistence of higher expectations of sexual virtue for women more than for men.
5.      Discuss category segregation in publishing,
6.      Discuss the messages cover art sends about the target audience for a book.
7.      Discuss differences between romance fiction written by authors who are married with children and ones who are single without children.
8.     Discuss the explosive growth of the teen, young adult and new adult fiction markets and its impact on adult fiction.
9.      What makes a romance or erotic novel mainstream?
10.   Discuss the differences between erotic romance and erotica.

Cardyn Brooks writes erotica as social commentary. Her C. X Brooks persona writes edgier variations on similar themes.
Cardyn Brooks writes erotica as social commentary. Her C. X Brooks persona writes edgier variations on similar themes.
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