Friday, February 17, 2017

Guest Post & Giveaway Darkness Rising by Dirk Greyson

Title: Darkness Rising
Author: Dirk Greyson
Series: Yellowstone Wolves (Book 3)
Genre: M/M, Paranormal Romance, Shifters
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: Feb 6 2017
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print
The last thing Tobias, alpha of the small Greenview Pack, expects is to find a lost human asleep in his storage building. As soon as he sets eyes on Pete, Tobias knows they are destined mates. But he cannot act on his attraction, no matter how much he feels compelled. Exposure to the human world could mean the end of their way of life, so he decides to help Pete get a room until he can reunite with the tour group he separated from.
But Tobias’s disgraced half-brother, Zev, has other ideas. He takes a liking to Pete and decides he wants what Tobias has—both his position as pack leader and his mate. Tobias can’t let that happen, but protecting Pete means keeping him close, which only increases the mounting tensions between them.

Duty, protection, desire, and secrecy clash as the darkness within Zev rises to the surface, and only Tobias can save his mate—even if he never plans to tell Pete that’s what they are.
Have you considered writing any other Paranormal Books with Other Preternatural Creatures, or maybe starting one of the Kindle Worlds with a Paranormal Theme? 

I love paranormal stories and I suspect that at some time in the future, I will write other creatures.  But at the moment, I guess I’m still in my wolf phase.  Though I am working on a Dragon story with Amber Kell.  For me, I really need to start a paranormal story with a really interesting idea that captures my imagination and I haven’t had one of those yet.  It will happen though.

As for Kindle Worlds, all of my work is published through Dreamspinner Press and I love the support they give me.  So up until now, I haven’t explored Kindle Worlds or self-publishing because it isn’t where my strengths are.  However I don’t rule anything out for the future.

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Dirk is very much an outside kind of man.  He loves travel and seeing new things.  Dirk worked in corporate America for way too long and now spends his days writing, gardening, and taking care of the home he shares with his partner of more than two decades.  He has a Master’s Degree and all the other accessories that go with a corporate job.  But he is most proud of the stories he tells and the life he's built.  Dirk lives in Pennsylvania in a century old home and is blessed with an amazing circle of friends. 

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