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Playlist At First Blush by Jeanie Grey

Title: At First Blush
Author: Jeanie Grey
Series: Nick & Serran Series (Book 1)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: May 8 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook (May) & Print (June/July)
“There was no such thing as a soulmate. As for the intense connection…well, it must have been her imagination. There was no man who would instinctively understand her, no man who could read her mind. No man who could turn her on with just a look or a word, no man whose touch would override her reason and turn her into the embodiment of passion. And the sooner she let go of that fantasy completely, the sooner she could approach romantic relationships with a clear head and appreciate what she had instead of pining over everything she imagined she was missing.”
SERRAN WINTERS is determined to let the fantasy of Nick Enfield go. So why does she find herself asking him to dinner while on tour with her latest romance novel? Perhaps it's because she feels safe in disguise as her pseudonym, Jane Garfield. Besides, it's only a couple of hours...until a hurricane leaves her stranded at his house for three days.
Despite NICK ENFIELD’s deep hurt and growing bitterness since his divorce, something about the romance author entrances him from the first moment he sees her. But when he discovers she’s married, he’s determined to resist the intense attraction between them in spite of her mixed signals. If only his body’s reaction to her weren’t making it so hard to keep her marital status in mind.
At First Blush is a story about fantasy versus reality in love and romance, the nature of attraction and connection, and the reasons we choose to fight or follow our impulses.

Often Authors have a Playlist for their books do you have a set Playlist for At First Blush.
(If so Please Share it with us and if Possible give iTunes or even YouTube Links for each Song.)
I don't always have a special playlist for my stories, but for At First Blush I do! I put it together when I started on the second draft of the book to help me get into a helpful headspace. I chose songs that had some personal relevance to me in connection with Nick and Serran's story. I hope you enjoy them!
1. Sparks—Coldplay (
2. Building a Mystery—Sarah McLachlan (
3. Hidden Place—Bj√∂rk (
4. Biscuit—Portishead (
5. Life in Mono—Mono (
6. Wicked Game—Chris Isaak (
7. House of Cards—Radiohead (
8. The Look—Roxette (
9. In Your Room—Depeche Mode (
10. Possession—Sarah McLachlan (
11. Mouth (The Stingray Mix)—Bush (
12. Tell Me Now—Mazzy Star (
13. I Still Do—The Cranberries (
14. Penguin Freud—Mono (
15. Flicks—Frou Frou (
16. Chasing Cars—Snow Patrol (
17. Gravity of Love—Enigma (


Jeanie Grey writes sophisticated, steamy, unconventional romance and erotica for readers who like to think. A person of relatively simple pleasures, her list of favorite things in life includes dark chocolate, foreign films, Lady Grey tea, men wearing sweaters, and curling up in bed all day with a delicious romance novel. Jeanie is the author of the Lilly Frank trilogy and Crouch and Other Short Stories. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

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