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Guest Post Sex God by Matthew Armstrong

Title: Sex God
Author: Matthew Armstrong
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Erotica
Publisher: Be Your Potential Books
Release Date: Mar 28 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print
Short Blurb
Unfulfilled in his marriage and life, Alex Sterling makes an indecent proposal to his wife, Angela, which sets them off on an erotic adventure of self-discovery, revealing dark and repressed parts of themselves. On the verge of losing everything that is most important to him, Alex is a man in early life crisis, playing a high-stakes game and going to extreme measures to save what he values most. Is he going through a mental breakdown or is this some sort of spiritual transformation? He has no idea as his grasp on reality crumbles and all his worst fears are inevitably realized.
Long Blurb
Alex Sterling and his wife Angela are a young couple with two children Tristan and Holly living on the Costa del Sol in Spain. They seem to be the perfect couple with two bright young children, and despite their escalating money worries, they are living an incredible lifestyle on the sunny Mediterranean coast.
But beneath the surface, Alex is unfulfilled in his life and marriage and decides to risk it all by making an indecent proposal to Angela in a last ditch attempt to revive their flat-lining lives. He proposes an open-relationship, which much to his surprise opens a repressed Pandora ’s Box for Angela, a side of her that he has never known — setting them off on an erotic adventure that would make anyone’s head spin and juices flow. It seems to have been a good decision with amongst other intense erotic encounters, it introduces them to BDSM, the swingers’ scene and even finds them on a Russian billionaire’s yacht in a Jacuzzi with the billionaire’s blonde bombshell daughter. Their eyes are opened to the many dimensions of erotic experience two lovers can have, but these experiences are not without their risks.
A turn of unfavourable events manifest, from his kids being expelled from school for a failure to keep up with school fees, to the arrest of the swingers party hosts for secret filming and blackmail. All of this sends Angela into meltdown, blaming and resenting Alex for directing their lives to this point of no return. Alex’s worst fears are then realised as Angela abruptly ups and leaves with the children, moving to Portugal to live with an ex soccer star, old flame from her past — A man of means and a man of power, who Alex feels he is no match for. Alex’s world falls apart around him and a mental breakdown ensues catapulting him on a spiritual pilgrimage as he scrambles to regain his sanity. On this pilgrimage he encounters Lalita an exotic tantra goddess, who he immediately becomes infatuated with and who introduces him to yet another dimension of unity through tantra. She disappears from his life as quick as she entered it and Alex is almost driven crazy once more attempting to find her along the pilgrim’s way.
His pilgrimage offers him much more than he bargained for as he is forced to overcome intense and excruciating physical pain, ego transcendence and a near death experience where instead of running to sure safety, he faces down some wild mountain dogs that have viciously attacked a Japanese pilgrim; and in the process saves her life and becomes revered by her group. He then makes another difficult decision as to whether to return home or remain a pilgrim in the special land, a place and an identity that he has become very much at home with.
Upon arriving home, Alex is overcome and uplifted by two startling and monumental events. First a business partnership from a chance meeting earlier on the billionaire’s yacht, that proposes to put an end to all his money worries for a lifetime. Secondly the surprise return of Angela and the children. Alex is irrevocably changed and transformed from the culmination of the entire adventure, as is Angela, who finally reveals to him the skeletons that were in her closet that had contributed too many of their previous underlying relationship troubles — the truth clearing the way for their future together. But their adventure is far from over. On the contrary it has only just begun.

What Inspired Me to Write Sex God...

The Story Behind the Story
I started reading erotica after I heard “Fifty Shades” Author E.L James was making 162,000 dollars per day from her trilogy. I was intrigued as to why so many people had suddenly become hooked on this genre. It had seeped into the mainstream and I wanted to know why!
I thoroughly enjoyed the first 50 shades book, but then found the second two tiresome. I read a number of other books in the erotica genre and found them to be largely lacking in imagination and depth.
I knew there was a massive resurgence of interest happening in the genre and I felt inspired to add to it, but in somewhat of a maverick way. I wanted to shock readers, ruffle their feathers, startle them with the unexpected and give them a story that had the potential to change and transform them.
There is a cookie cutter format for most of the erotica I read, which goes something like this: Billionaire business man with control issues meets newly graduated college girl. He makes her a less than ideal proposal, which she goes along with, but then they fall in love and get married. Usually a charity ball is thrown in for good measure! Now...if I was getting sick of this then I am sure others would be too.
It's like watching a movie that has a car chase, shoot up, punch up and sex scene, but no real substance. Those cookie cutter movies are fun for a while but then you grow out of them. You yearn for something more! I wrote Sex God for those that are growing out of cookie cutter erotica.
One of my main objectives I had in mind when I wrote Sex God was to create a visceral reaction in the reader. I wanted to firstly make the reader aroused. Of course you are reading erotica, so if it doesn't get you hot, hard or wet then it's not really erotica.
My second intention was to make the reader laugh. The book is laced with humor for those with a sense of it! ;)
My third desire was to make the reader cry. Rather unexpectedly, tears streamed down my face at one point in the book when I was writing it. When I read what I had written the next day, I choked up again!
Some readers will simply not be able to get past the taboo and controversial subjects that the story explores early on in Sex God and so will not be able to connect with the depth of what transpires, but for those that do buy Sex God and are emotionally mature enough, it will get you!

Matthew Armstrong comes from Irish descent, attending the same grammar school as Oscar Wild — but only for a short while, as he was expelled for speaking his mind and not conforming.  
Through two decades of living and travelling in 6 continents, he has gained much life experience and studied many cultures and ways of life along the way.
Originally an Author of non-fiction, covering topics from health, philosophy, relationships, spirituality & human potential, Matthew now finds his inspiration in writing fiction.  
His first novel 'Sex God' is a ground breaking work that brings a breath of fresh air to the erotica genre and sets a new standard for other authors in this genre to follow.
Matthew lives on the east coast of Spain with his family, and generally spends his days teaching martial arts, writing in cafes and playing on the beach with his son.

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