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Guest Post & Review The Uncensored Truth: Let’s Talk About Sex by L.G. Erikson

Title: The Uncensored Truth: Let’s Talk About Sex
Author: L.G. Erikson
Series: Standalone
Genre: Nonfiction
Publisher: DivisonHouse Publishing
Release Date: Feb 27 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print
Sources: Author
What exactly is mind-blowing sex? Are women and men really that different? Why is sex so important for our well-being?
The author fearlessly explains in juicy details what it takes — for anyone — to experience real sexual bliss. "Let's Talk About Sex" gives you an unprecedented insight into the nature of sexuality from every possible angle. Packed with loads of information and highly entertaining stories we learn how to discover our true nature. Whether you're in a relationship or into one night stands, this book has something for everyone.
In a refreshingly straightforward language, the author tackles social and sexual taboos and encourages all readers to truly become themselves.

A bold, fascinating, and empowering read that will make you rethink everything you've learned about sex.

Ok this was a very interesting and well informed read. I was so engrossed that time just flew by when reading it. Some sections in this book really made me stop and think. Truly stop and think and I am hoping to change a few things in my life based on this reading. In hopes of achieving that mind blowing sex has described.  Though I will admit it will not be easy it will be a task but a task I am looking forward to overcoming. This insightful read will leave you thinking are we all just

Guest Post
What is the inspiration behind your book? How much research went into writing it?
In many ways, I could say that everything I've learned over the years became part of my book. I've always been a keen observer of people, trying to figure out what motivates them to do certain things. I was fortunate to grow up in different cultures and to make friends with people from all kinds of social backgrounds. I've learned a lot about different views of life and how they shape our society. All of that helped tremendously to write my book.
Aside from that, I've read a lot of books on psychology, the nature of the human mind and - last not least - about sexuality. While a lot of them had plenty of advice, I concluded that most of them divided men and women further by stereotyping them in two basic categories. I was also motivated by the fact that we live in world of political (and social) correctness, which inevitably leads to misunderstandings. Simply put, if we don't start to call a thing by its name, we will never truly understand certain situations or communicate clearly.  

Relationships and sexuality are a big part of our lives and yet, a lot of people struggle with their sexuality. I started off with my theory that anyone could potentially have mind-blowing sex, in and outside of relationships. I explored in-depth why some [men and women] were so in tune with their sexuality while others never seem to find their sexual bliss. Ultimately, after a lot of research and many conversations I realized that those who struggle never had truly great sex. The reasons for that vary a great deal but no matter what they are, ultimately they all lead me to that one main conclusion. My goal was to create a book that tackles all possible scenarios, address the most common taboos and to break down stereotypes in a very clear language. I wanted to inspire my audience with different viewpoints to all matters regarding sexuality.

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 Who is L.G. Erikson?
"L.G. Erikson was born on a warm, beautiful day in the spring of......." - hold on, you can't tell them that!
Okay, let's continue: "She.... He grew up with one brother, mother and father in....." - never mind, can't tell them that, either.
"He.... She had the opportunity to experience a lot of different cultures. From early childhood on, she.... he was very outspoken and curious about the world and the people in it. That continued while growing up. He.... she formed many friendships with people from all kinds of backgrounds, and learned a lot about.... well.... a lot. In time, it became clear to her.... him, that his ability to think outside the box needed to be shared with the world, so he started writing down his observations. Finally, he.... she realized the time had come to write the first book: The Uncensored Truth: Let's Talk About Sex." - Done. The End.
   Wait....What?? Isn't this the section where you're supposed to tell your readers more about you personally? You're just gonna leave them in the dark?
Yes! That's exactly what I want!
See, my gender, race, origin, age or real name are completely irrelevant for the context of my book. How would revealing that information help me to open their minds?? If anything, it would tempt them to draw the wrong conclusions if they knew all this stuff about me. Besides, there is a lot more to come - yes, there will be more books - and I want them to keep reading without prejudice.

But then again, who knows.... Maybe someday in the future I will reveal my identity....when the time is right.

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