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֎Interview֎ Curious Little Werewolf by Katie Salidas

Title:  Curious Little Werewolf
 Author:  Katie Salidas
Series:  Little Werewolf (Book 2)
Genre: YA Paranormal
Publisher:  Rising Sign Books
Release Date:   May 24 2016
Things would be perfect if supernatural disasters would quit creeping up and ruining Giselle’s happy new life. After finally finding the fur-ever home she’s always wanted a witch blows into town promising to reveal the bloody past of Giselle’s birth, and the circumstances that led the little werewolf to end up in the foster care system to begin with.
Hot on the witch’s trail, another pack of wolves is on the hunt for revenge, and will accept nothing less than her death in retribution for the havoc she’s wrought on them.
Caught in the crossfire, Giselle desires only the truth, and if the witch is who she claims to be, the little werewolf must protect her at any cost. If she’s lying, though, Giselle risks her own kind seeing her as a traitor. Neither her new pack nor her hottie witch boyfriend Damien can offer any help.

Giselle is on her own again. And if she makes the wrong decision, she’ll lose the only link she has to her own past.


What is your favorite thing about writing YA Paranormal with a hint of romance? Do you enjoy writing other genres?
I’m a genre hopper. I love to play in all playgrounds so I write a little of everything. Aside from the Little Werewolf series (YA PNR) I have a 6-book Dystopian series: The Chronicles of the Uprising, I also have a 6-book Urban Fantasy: Immortalis Series. And to completely round out the mix, I write naughty things under the pen name Rozlyn Sparks. 
I go where the muse takes me because it is so much fun to explore a storyline without setting hard limits on what genre box you fit into. 

How do you decide on your cover? 
Oh dear. That is a tough one. I beat my head against the wall repeatedly until it’s perfect. LoL. Actually, I work very closely with Willsin Rowe, who does the majority of my covers. Together we comb the stock photo sites for images that represent parts of the story, and then through trial and error and much arm twisting… we end up with something perfect. 
He’s a doll to put up with me, seriously. I can be a pain in the butt searching for that “perfect” image. 

Do your main characters have a real life inspiration? 
Not entirely. I do take aspects of reality and weave them into the characters. Sometimes I people-watch and see how they interact with each other and then use what I have seen as inspiration. 

What author do you admire most?
That’s a tough question to answer. Knowing how hard this business can be, I admire anyone who takes up the mantle of laying their soul bare for the world to see. It’s no small thing sharing your imagination with the world. The hope that people will love it. The desire to entertain. The worry that you haven’t hit the mark. There are so many emotions tied to this business that I just can’t pick who deserves more admiration than another. 

What are you working on now? What is your next project?
I’ve got about three different projects I am juggling at the moment. But next up should be the third Little Werewolf book. I’ll hopefully have it out around Halloween time. 

Have you ever had writer's block? What is your best cure if you have? Or how do you keep it at bay?
The only way to cure writer’s block is to push through it. Try and see the story from different angles. Ask yourself background questions (like interviewing the character) and hope that through the answers the rest of the scene comes to you. 

Do you have a movie you love to watch over and over? 
Princess Bride. 
Three words: As You Wish!

How much research do you usually do for a book? What is your biggest research gathering tool?
 Never ever check my internet history. You might think I am a serial killer. I’m constantly googling things. And to the untrained eye… it could be scary. 

Do you read your reviews? Do you ever respond to them if you do? And if you do read them do you take anything away from the readers praise and criticism? 
Of course I read them, but I know better than to respond. That’s a huge no-no. If anything I try and see ways to improve. There is always room to grow. 

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?
The best compliment is really just getting that good review. If a reader takes the time to sit down and write out their thoughts on your book, that means it was important enough to them to do it. My book being important is awesome! So I love each and every review I get. 
Even my favorite 1-star review that said “This sucks worse than vampires do.” LoL. I giggle every time I read it. 

Author of the Immortalis, Chronicles, and Little Werewolf Series, Las Vegas native, Katie Salidas is a Jill of all trades.  Mother to three, Wife to one, and slave to the craft of writing, she tries to do it all, often causing sleep deprivation and many nights passed out at the computer. Writing is her passion, and she hopes that her passion will bring you hours of entertainment.
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